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Concert TNT
Contests are unfair and.. 
7th-Jul-2008 01:44 am
Whatever life sucks...
I joined a contest and.. my entry was well wasn't that great but at least I took some effort
and gues what???
Some mod of the forum won??? fair.. I think not
Her entry was .. a STICK figure
and mine was better, it's not being cocky but anything is better than a stick figure right???
the second place wasn't so bad.. but the THIRD oh fuck the third
it was... like... they just added sand color and wrote Iloveava and... that's it
it was just text in a corner
I'm so pissed off.. I AHHH
it sucks man
it really does...

Here's my entry:

Winner entry:

And the shitty THIRD place:

a damn 5 year old could do better
Soooo is this contest complete shit??? it is my friends.. it is.. I seriously can't believe this, I think I'm quitting the site after this
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